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Support for radiator

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Standkonsole für Heizkörper

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Support de radiateur


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[origin: EP0768497A1] The bracket is used to mount a radiator in an upright position, and has a standing support (2) which can be placed on a foot support (1), and which can be adjusted into a perpendicular alignment. A bracket element to support an upright radiator is arranged on the standing support, and the upper end of the latter has a radiator mounting. The foot support has a baseplate (3) and a holding component (4), which is arranged at right angles to it. The standing support has a detachable connection to the holding component, which allows it to be pivoted through an angle (alpha), and its level can be adjusted. The mounting can be adjusted horizontally using adjusting equipment (33) on the lower end of the standing support. The holding component has a fixing bolt (6) at its lower end directed sideways, which juts through a longitudinal slit in the standing support to clamp them together on fastening of a nut (13).

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