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EP 0768694 A3 2000-04-12 - Electromagnetic relay and method for its manufacture

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Electromagnetic relay and method for its manufacture

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Elektromagnetisches Relais und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

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Relais électromagnétique et méthode pour sa fabrication


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[origin: US5889454A] An electromagnetic relay and methods for its manufacture are provided. The relay has a coil body with flanges and with at least one winding disposed between the flanges. A rod-shaped core is respectively arranged axially inside each winding. The yoke is secured against motion in the longitudinal direction and against pivotal movement in a coil flange by mounting elements. In addition, the first end of the core is connected on the side surface of the first yoke leg by welding or soldering. A double relay with first yoke legs disposed next to each other in parallel fashion is preferably created, whereby the core-yoke connection is produced in a simple manner and a good magnetic transition is ensured.

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