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Disengageable ropeway with driving module

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Kuppelbare Seilschwebebahn mit Antriebsmodul

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Téléporteur débrayable à module de prise de mouvement


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[origin: EP0770532A1] The cable car friction drive wheels (10) are spaced at regular intervals on a support beam (20) located above a station transfer rail. The cable car is coupled to a cable (12) from which it is uncoupled at entry to the station to run on rollers along the transfer rail. The cable movement, continuing to drive the friction wheels on the transfer rail, is maintained and driven by a module (19) on a cable support roller (17). The module is arranged as a caisson (21) inserted in the wheel train support beam. It comprises two axles (23,28) connected by gearing. One of the axles carries a friction wheel and the other a transmission pulley (29) for the belt transmission to the cable support.

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