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Method for installing ground anchors

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Verfahren zum Einbringen von Zugpfählen

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Procédé de mise en place de tirants d'ancrage


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[origin: EP0770734A1] The anchoring bore is formed by a tube (8) with a drilling and injection tool assembly (9) at its leading end. The internal passage of the tube defines a concrete injection conduit (10), and the tube has a pair of lateral nozzles (13,14), oriented in opposite directions, arranged radially behind its leading end. The nozzles allow injection of concrete into the surrounding ground surface at a pressure greater than 150 bar, while the tube is rotated around its longitudinal axis and withdrawn from the bore formed by the drilling tool. After complete withdrawal of the tube, cables or similar anchoring components may be inserted into the bore before the concrete sets around them to define an anchoring mass.

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