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Cylinder lock

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Serrure à cylindre


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[origin: EP0771920A1] The lock cylinder (10) has a cylinder housing (12) with a bore (14) which accommodates a rotating core (18), and which has at least one bearing surface (16). A group of tumblers (20,22,24,26,28) prevents the core from rotating about its axis (A) in a locked position, and can be freed by a control element, which is especially a key. Each tumbler has a core pin (30,32) in a hole (34,36) in the core, and a housing pin (38,40) in a hole (42,44) in the housing, and the latter pin is spring- loaded towards the former. One end of each core pin is engaged by the key, and in the locked position, this end of one core pin is offset from the others, while all of the core pins have their opposite ends inside their core pin holes.

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