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Flat cable and fabrication thereof

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Flachkabel und seine Herstellung

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Câble plat et sa fabrication


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[origin: EP0772206A2] A flat cable comprising a conductor, an insulating layer (a) formed via an adhesive layer on one longitudinal plane of the conductor, and a different insulating layer (b) formed on the opposite plane thereof via a 0.01-3 mu m thick primer layer, said conductor being sandwiched between the insulating layers (a) and (b). The flat cable of the present invention can be made thin to improve bending property and to reduce necessary space for wiring and the like. In addition, such flat cable can be provided economically. The flat cable can be used in high temperature, high humidity environments where it could not be heretofore applied, since the insulating property can be maintained for a long time. <IMAGE>

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