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EP 0773347 B1 20000531 - Strip seal for turbomachinery rotor blade tips

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Strip seal for turbomachinery rotor blade tips

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Lamellendichtung für Turbotriebwerke im Bereich der Rotorschaufelspitzen

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Dispositif d'étanchéité à lamelles pour des extremités des aubes mobiles de turbomachine


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[origin: EP0773347A1] A turbine engine seal, for the rotor blade tip region, has a cover band ring on the blade tips and opposite stationary casing ring segments in the cowling for sealing the rotor-stator gap. The novelty is that the cover band ring (5) has a smooth radially outer surface (9) and is held radially displaceably by the blades (11), while elastic laminates (12) extend radially inwards from the stationary casing ring segments of the cowling (20) to form scraping faces. The out-of-roundness tolerance and roughness of the radially outer cover band ring surface (9), the elasticity of the laminates (12) and the size of the scraping face of each laminate (12) are mutually related such that, beyond a critical relative speed between the radially outer cover band ring surface (9) and the scraping faces, an aerodynamic smoothing of scraping faces occurs on the outer surface of the cover band ring (5). Pref. the cover band ring (5) is a closed self-supporting ring of fibre-reinforced material, pre f. of SiC, B or C fibres in a metallic or ceramic matrix.

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