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EP 0773566 B1 20000216 - Electric apparatus with movable contacts mounted on a contact support

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Electric apparatus with movable contacts mounted on a contact support

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Elektrisches Gerät mit auf einen Kontaktträger montierten beweglichen Kontakten

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Appareil électrique à contact(s) mobile(s) monté(s) rotatif(s) sur un support de contact(s)


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[origin: EP0773566A1] The switch block includes the moving contact (13A) which is formed with two elbows making two sections (36,38) by which it rotates around the cross-piece (25A). The second elbow (39) is in the opposite direction to the first (37) and the first is more open than the second while both form angles (A,B) slightly less than 90 degrees . The moving contact pivots lie between two flat side pieces (26) of the support (12) which are connected by the cross-piece. The abutment (29) is cut into at least one of the side pieces and forms a hook preceded by an oblique slope (30). The abutment holds the middle part (34) of the moving contact against the spring (28) when the switch is open.

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