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Apparatus for and method controlling engine RPM in hydraulic construction equipment

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Regeln der Motordrehzahl einer hydraulischen Baumaschine

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Dispositif pour régler la vitesse de rotation du moteur d'un engin de terrassement hydraulique.


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[origin: EP0774546A1] An apparatus for and a method of controlling the engine RMP in hydraulic construction equipment, being capable of detecting a neutral valve position corresponding to the idle state of the construction equipment and controlling the engine to drive at a low RPM while the construction equipment is in its idle state, thereby achieving a reduced noise generation and reduced fuel consumption. The apparatus includes an engine RPM detecting unit (19) for detecting the RPM of the engine, an engine RPM control unit (21) for controlling the engine RPM, a pressure detecting unit (17) for detecting the pressure in a fluid line (13) connected between a hydraulic pump driven by the engine (15) and main valves (7a-7f) for actuating actuators, and a control unit (23) for determining whether every main valve is in its neutral position, through a functional computation for a pressure value detected by the pressure detecting unit (17) with a predetermined reference value, and controlling the engine RPM controlling unit (21) to decrease the engine RPM when every main valve (7a-7f) is determined as being in its neutral position. <IMAGE>

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