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EP 0774626 B1 2002-09-11 - A domestic oven with a continuous front panel

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A domestic oven with a continuous front panel

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Haushaltherd mit ununterbrochener Frontblende

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Four ménager à panneau frontal continu


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[origin: EP0774626A2] A domestic oven (1) with a continuous front panel (6), in which the door (3) which closes the front of the oven extends upwardly to the top (9) of the body of the oven and covers a control panel, the devices (12, 13) of which are accessible, even when the door is closed, through convenient apertures therein. In addition to satisfying aesthetic considerations, the extension of the door panel to cover the entire front of the oven enables a monitoring window of considerable dimensions to be provided in the door, thus facilitating monitoring of the cooking process from outside. <IMAGE>

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