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EP 0775643 B1 20000202 - Envelope consisting of a heat shrinkable plastic sleeve for packaging at least one object

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Envelope consisting of a heat shrinkable plastic sleeve for packaging at least one object

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Eine aus einer hitzeschrumpfenden Plastikhülle bestehende Umhüllung zum Verpacken zumindest eines Objekts

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Enveloppe destinée à l'emballage d'au moins un objet, du type constitué par un manchon en matière plastique thermorétractable


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[origin: EP0775643A1] The packaging (100) for an object consists of a thermo-retractable sleeve, a main portion (101) of which tightly surrounds a part of the object. The sleeve has a complementary superposed external flap (103) which is connected at its side ends to the sleeve main portion by two parallel weld lines (102,105). The complementary flap has a reinforcing band (106) in which there is a cut out (110) defining a gripping tab (114) whose sides extend perpendicularly to the reinforcing band. The cut out is extended beyond the band by two slits in the flap wall which form a start for tearing. The flap also as a perforated line (104) parallel to the reinforcing band which enables detaching the flap part obtained by tearing the external flap when the tab is pulled.

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