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EP 0776845 B1 2000-02-09 - Adjustable separating slot for paper sheets and the like

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Adjustable separating slot for paper sheets and the like

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Einstellbarer Vereinzelungsspalt für Papierbogen od.dgl

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Fente de séparation adjustable pour des feuilles en papier et similaire


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[origin: JPH09175680A] PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To guarantee the trouble-less operation of a gate device for individually extracting paper sheets from a paper feed pile one by one in the shortest possible time with a very simple action and accurately adjust the gap width of the passing nip of the feed gate device to the thickness of the machined paper or another material. SOLUTION: A brake roll 3 is rotatably supported on the eccentric ring 7 of an eccentric ring shaft 8 drivable and selectively adjustable in both rotating directions by the first electric motor driving device 40. The brake roll 3 can be driven at the revolving speed extremely higher than the adjusted speed of the brake roll 3 by the second electric motor driving device 26 via moving transmission members 15, 16 from the standard position when a friction roll 2 is stopped at the fixed position. When the transmission members 15, 16 reach the gap width to be adjusted, a switch element is operated, and both electric motor driving devices 26, 40 are stopped by the switching signal of the switch element.

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