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Method for mounting a steam generating boiler

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Verfahren zur Montage eines Kessels zur Erzeugung von Dampf

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Procédé de montage d'une chaudière de production de vapeur


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[origin: EP0777080A1] The installation of a steam boiler involves using a carrying structure (1) in the form of a tower of a determined height (H). A ceiling (2), of a height (h) less than that of the tower, is fixed to the top of the tower and boiler parts (3) are suspended from it. The procedure involves assembling the ceiling on the ground on which the tower is erected. The ceiling is then raised progressively to a determined height (hn) and the boiler parts suspended some metres from the ground. That height is less than or equal to the height of the boiler parts and is attained in stages. If it is less than the height of the boiler parts, the structure is erected to a determined height (h(n+1)). The ceiling is raised to this height and the boiler parts successively suspended. These stages are repeated until it reaches a height equal to that of the ceiling.

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