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Shoe with support of the lower leg

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Schuh mir Unterschenkelstütze

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Chaussure avec soutien de bas de jambe


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[origin: EP0777980A1] The boot consists of a shell (1) which covers the foot, and a shank (12) which surrounds the lower leg and has a supporting panel (8) adjacent to its inlet edge with two zones (18,19) having different degrees of flexibility. The supporting panel is located inside a front opening flap of the boot shank, where it is held in place by fastenings (9) in the form of studs (10) and holes or slots (11) which allow it to be fitted either way up. The number of holes or slots is greater than the number of studs, allowing the panel to be fitted in different positions. Its zones of different flexibility can be made by cut-outs in one edge or by using different materials.

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