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EP 0778128 B1 2000-04-26 - Drive for several transfer cylinders of a printing machine

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Drive for several transfer cylinders of a printing machine

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Antrieb für mehrere Übertragungszylinder einer Druckmaschine

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Entraînement pour plusieurs cylindres de transfert d'une machine à imprimer


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[origin: EP0778128A1] The drive is for a digital printing press. Only one (2) of its several transfer cylinder (1, 2) is connected to a motor (6). The transfer cylinders are connected to each other by lashing rings (9, 10), which roll back against each other under initial tension The initial tension is set to provide sufficient synchronisation between the transfer cylinders. The cylinders may each have a lashing ring at each axial end. The initial tension of two cylinders rolling against each other is considerably greater than the pressing force between them multiplied by the grip friction coefficient.

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