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Folding carton with self-adhesive closure

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Faltschachtel mit Selbstklebeverschluss

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Carton pliable avec fermeture auto-collante


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[origin: US5722585A] The invention relates to a folding box with self-adhesive seal and a method for sealing the folding box. The folding box has a cover (6) which can be locked in the sealing position at one of its free edges by a mechanical locking (10, 11), flaps (14, 15) that can be folded in under the cover, and contact adhesive strips (17) with covering strips (19) able to be pulled off, for gluing the cover (6) together with the flaps (14, 15). The covering strips (19) have at their free end a tab (19a) that protrudes from the closed folding box. By pulling on the tab (19a), the covering strips (19) can be pulled out laterally under the cover (6) locked in sealing position, in order to glue the cover (6) together with the flaps (14, 15). On perforated tear lines (23), the middle section of the cover (6) can be opened again, without having to undo the adhesive connection in doing so. In use, the box is closed by first bringing the cover into the sealing position and locking it mechanically in this position and then, by pulling out the covering strips, exposing the contact adhesive strips and gluing the cover down.

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