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Vehicle body assembly

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Carrosserie de véhicule


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[origin: EP0780283A1] The chassis cross-member for the windscreen is between front columns, and stiffening struts are fixed to a central tunnel in the floor. A further cross-member below the first one has a bracket for the steering column, and is joined to the front columns and also by reinforcing struts to the tunnel. A mounting (9) for a knee-arrester cushion is joined to the struts (4, 5), and has a support (42) protruding over one of the struts (4) and joined to the steering column (11). The mounting can be dished, with flat arms (40, 41) extending away from it and joined to the struts. Alternatively it can be of angular section, with a first horizontal flange (9a), and a second (9b) sloping downwards from the first, which forms the support. Opening (44) can be formed in the mounting and support, while the latter can have a mounting (43) at the free end for one or more fixing screws.

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