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Process for making a fibrous web

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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Faserstoffbahn

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Procédé pour fabrication d'une bande


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[origin: DE19548294C1] In the prodn. of paper in a papermaking machine, where the wet or moist pulp is transferred between a number of assemblies, the assemblies such as the drying groups are controlled separately according to the initial wet strength, to give a mean web dryness such as of 60%. Also claimed is an assembly of individually powered groups with at least one wet press and several drying groups with upper blankets. The leading drying group has a max. of four drying cylinders. Pref. the wet or moist web is transferred between groups with support such as from a suction roller (13), roller mantle, cylinder mantle, blanket or fourdrinier, without allowing it to follow a free path between them. Directly the web leaves the press, it passes into a drying section, where only the lower surface is in contact with the drying cylinders, at least at the start.

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