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EP 0784251 B1 2000-05-03 - Device for connecting a band to a watch case

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Device for connecting a band to a watch case

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Anschlussvorrichtung für ein Uhrarmband

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Agencement de fixation d'un bracelet sur une montre


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[origin: EP0784251A1] The attachment for fixing a bracelet to a watch comprises two side flanks (2,3) which includes sockets (33,34) to receive the ends of two bars (11,12) which carry the ends of the watch bracelet (14). The two side flanks are intended to fit along either side of the rectangular watch casing (1) . Additional elements (16,17,24) lie between the watch casing (1) and the side flanks in order to attach the components together. The outer elements of the mounting (24) are received in recesses formed within the side flanks. These assemblies are held together with a series of pins (18,23) in order to allow a pivoting movement when the watch is inserted within the outer frame defined by the two side flanks.

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