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EP 0784332 B1 2000-11-29 - Single-ended low pressure discharge lamp and associated fitting

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Single-ended low pressure discharge lamp and associated fitting

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Einseitig gesockelte Niederdruckentladungslampe und zugehörige Fassung

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Lampe à décharge à basse pression à culot unique et douille correspondante


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[origin: JPH09199003A] PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a single-base low-pressure discharge lamp having a base of compact, flat and simple constitution which enables easy and quick installation of the lamp and further enables equipment of a luminaire as needed, and provide a socket therefor. SOLUTION: A circular fluorescent lamp 1 includes a discharge tube 2 formed in a plane and a base 3 having contact pins 8a, 8b; 9a, 9b. In the base 3 both ends of the discharge tube 2 are positioned opposite to each other. The contact pins 8a, 8b; 9a, 9b are disposed approximately in a circular plane of the lamp 1 and on both sides of the base 3. A socket as an attachment has a U-shaped sectional area. The foot of the socket has cavities for receiving the contact pins and for making electrical contact therewith.

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