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EP 0785029 A1 1997-07-23 - Horizontal centrifuge for an optimum oil extraction

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Horizontal centrifuge for an optimum oil extraction

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Horizontale Zentrifuge für eine optimale Ölextraktion

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Centrifugeuse horizontale pour l'extraction optimale d'huile


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A horizontal centrifuge comprising a plurality of water outlet nozzles (1) which cross the inlet head (16) disposed on the oily slurry supply side, a plurality of oil outlet radial nozzles (15) arranged on the drum (3), a plurality of oil outlet radial nozzles (12) which are located downstream of the circular barrier (13) created by the supplied slurry, and a plurality of baffle plates (2, 7, 9) whose function is to form an uniterrupted oil column which does not mix with water and solids. In particular, the baffle plate (2) arranged upstream prevents oil to be discharged with water, and the central baffle plate (7) lets the oil pass through its apertures (21) and directs the muds towards the wall of the drum (3), separating them from the oil column (8) and moving them away from the inlet apertures of the nozzles (12). <IMAGE>

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