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EP 0785478 A3 20010103 - Method for forming toner images with two distinct toners

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Method for forming toner images with two distinct toners

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Verfahren um Tonerbilder aus zwei unterschiedlichen Tonermaterialen zu erstellen

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Procédé de formation d'images de toner utilisant deux matériaux de toner distincts


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[origin: EP0785478A2] An image forming method which forms a two color toner image or an image made up of two types of toners of the same color includes forming a first image with discharged area development (DAD) and a second image with charged area development (CAD). Resolution and sharpness of the first toner image is improved if the second toner image is formed by imagewise exposing a photoconductive member through a transparent base. Scavenging of the first toner image by the development of the second toner image and other aspects of the method are improved by use of a rotating magnetic core to drive a developer containing hard magnetic carrier in a soft brush through contact with the electrostatic image. <IMAGE>

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