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Bathtub with automatic door and plug

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Badewanne mit automatischer Tür und Abflusszapfen

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Baignoire avec porte et bonde automatiques


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[origin: EP0787456A2] The panel (2A) fits a sealed opening (43) near the tub (1) waste (71). In lowering, it retracts under the bath, leaving a step for the user. The panel operates within an aluminium chassis (4) carried on two fixed metal frames cradling the e.g. acrylic tub. A 12v DC motor drives the panel via endless chains attached on either side. Pegs on the panel side faces (37.5) run in roughly vertical (5) and horizontal curved guide-slots in the chassis sides. The vertical slots' final top alignment firmly closes the panel against the compressible seal (43). The gap between the side trim panels (79A,79B) is closed by a roller shutter, also operated by the motor. The access, and the motorised waste valve (71), was push-button controlled (67).

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