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Packing machine particularly for cigarettes, or similar

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Verpackungsmaschine,insbesondere für Zigaretten oder dergleichen

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Machine d'emballage spécialement pour des cigarettes ou similaires


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[origin: EP0787648A2] Packaging machine, especially for cigarettes, comprising a station (SA) for bringing together a pre-ordered group of cigarettes and a wrapper sheet in which said group is later wrapped and from which station (SA) the sheet is transferred together with the cigarettes to a subsequent unit (4) which folds the sheet around the group of cigarettes; means (5, 7) for feeding the group of cigarettes along a defined path (1B) to the bringing-together/transfer station (SA); and means (11, 11') for feeding a sheet, along a defined path different from that of the cigarettes, to the bringing-together/transfer station (SA). According to the invention, the sheet feed means (11, 11') and the means (15, 16, 18, 18', 19) for actuating these and the cigarette feed means (5, 7) are situated and are constructed in such a way that at least the cigarette feed path (1B) is at least partially free, on one or more of its sides, at least in the part associated with the bringing-together/transfer station (SA). <IMAGE>

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