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Bath- and showertub support

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Wannenträger, insbesondere Badewannen- und Duschwannenträger

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Support pour baignoires et baignoires de douche


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[origin: EP0788755A1] Foamed plastic tray of bath or shower is carried by a support with a peripheral side wall (1) around a sunken base (3) with a drain (5) at one corner, to which a drain pipe may be attached. Installation and/or inspection aperture is provided in the side wall of the support in the region of the drain, being closed by a separate closure member (6). Preferably the closure member is positively attached to the support by being pushed into the aperture from below like a slide valve. The closure member and the side wall may form a key and slot joint and the contour of the inspection aperture and that of the closure member at the side facing the drain may be smaller than at the outside of the side wall.

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