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Seaworthy barge and push unit with such barge

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Seefähiger Leichter und Schubeinheit mit solchem Leichter

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Barge pour la navigation maritime et unité-pousseur avec une telle barge


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[origin: EP0790178A1] A seaworthy barge for transport of goods over water, adapted to be coupled to a pusher tug, wherein the barge, at the side to be coupled to the pusher tug, has such a shape and comprises such coupling members, that coupling to a pusher tug for river transport as well as coupling to a pusher tug for transport over sea is possible. The barge can have a stern (5) having a rearwardly projecting part (6,7) along each of the long sides of the barge, to create a recess or gap (8) at the rear end for receiving the bow of a pusher tug, with, in or on the stern, a coupling mechanism for seagoing barges and means for coupling the barge to a river pusher tug. The barge can consist of a pontoon with a superstructure (12) suitable for transport of passenger cars and trucks and/or containers. In the pontoon portion, ballast tanks (2) can be provided for controlling the draft of the barge. <IMAGE>

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