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Sport glove, in particular for goalkeeper

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Sporthandschuh, insbesondere Torwarthandschuh

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Gant de sport, en particulier pour gardien de but


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[origin: US5720047A] A sports glove, in particular a goalie glove, of which the outside of the palm material preferably is composed of a foamed latex on a textile support material. Additional impact-damping padding is mounted on the inside of the palm material facing the surface of the hand. A so-called spacer fabric designed as a three-dimensional fabric is used as the additional padding and is formed from two flat layers of cover fabrics spaced apart by a sandwiched zone of parallel erect fabric yarns extending perpendicular to the layers of the cover fabrics. In the alternative, an open-pore soft foam or a latex foam of larger thickness and lesser density than the palm material may be used as the additional padding.

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