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Wide-angle hinge

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Charnière à grand angle d'ouverture


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[origin: EP0791711A1] The basic body (1) fixed to the furniture wall (26) is joined by articulated levers (3,5) to a hinge casing (13) fixed to a door-leaf (25). One articulated lever runs along guide grooves in the basic body or is joined to it by further levers. The other articulated lever is linked to a slide piece (6) on the side of the basic body. A gearwheel (2) engaging with a toothed rack on the basic body. A lever (4) is linked eccentrically to the gearwheel and connects the gearwheel to the slide piece. The gearwheel pivots on a axis. The slide piece has lateral grooves into which protrude lateral protuberances on the articulated lever on which the gearwheel is mounted.

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