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EP 0795348 B1 2000-09-06 - In-line skate having a brake

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In-line skate having a brake

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Einspuriger Rollschuh mit Bremse

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Patin à roulettes en ligne équipé d'un frein


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[origin: EP0795348A1] The roller blade comprises three in line rollers (5,6,9), carried by a main chassis (1). A rear wheel (10) is mounted on an auxiliary chassis (8) pivoted on the main chassis. A pair of rotating discs (13) have truncated faces applied to the rear wheels (6,10) during rearward tipping of the skate. Braking is then assured by the rubbing of these discs on the non-rotating parts of the roller blade. The auxiliary chassis is pivoted about the axis (7) of the main chassis last wheel. Mechanical connection between the main chassis axis (12) and the auxiliary chassis is constituted by a slots (11) in the auxiliary chassis. The disc spindles are engaged in the slots (15) of the main chassis, transverse to the auxiliary chassis slots.

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