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Method for coating fluted rolls using high velocity oxygen fueled thermal spray

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Verfahren zum Beschichten von Wellzylindern mittels sauerstoffthermischen Brennstoffspritzens hoher Geschwindigkeit

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Procédé de revêtement de cylindres cannelés en utilisant un pulvérisateur thermique oxy-combustible à grande vitesse


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EP 96301751 A 19960314

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[origin: EP0795620A1] A method is described for forming a hardened coating on a workpiece, such as a corrugating roll (22), having an undulated surface. With the method, a high velocity oxygen fueled gun (26) is aligned with the undulated surface and a coating material is sprayed onto the surface from the gun to form a hardened coating having substantially uniform surface characteristics. The coating material is a tungsten carbide-cobalt material, or other hard carbide or oxide materials, which is sprayed onto the surface in a direction which is parallel to and offset from a plane passing through the longitudinal center of the roll (22). During the spraying operation, the gun (26) is traversed along the length of the roll while the roll is rotated. <IMAGE>

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