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EP 0799783 B1 2000-01-19 - Control device for driving the pile elevator of a sheet-processing machine

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Control device for driving the pile elevator of a sheet-processing machine

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Steuerung für den Stapelhubantrieb einer bogenverarbeitenden Maschine

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Dispositif pour contrôler le moteur de l'élévateur de pile d'une machine à imprimer des feuilles


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[origin: EP0799783A2] The height of the stack at the loading or unloading station is governed by a hoisted stack platform driven by an electric motor which also positions a sensing arrangement in turn controlling the rate of travel of the platform. A platform carrier (1), supporting the stack of sheets (2), is lifted and lowered by means of chains (3) wound on a drum (4) rotated in either direction by a motor (6) and gearbox (5). Another gearbox (8) turns an angular position sensor (9) connected to a pair of analyzer units (10.1,10.2). An input control unit (11) sends signals to the motor control unit (7) and a monitor unit (12) which together control the rotation of the drive motor.

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