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Improved punched cardboard box

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Schachtel aus ausgestanztem Karton

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Boîte en carton matricé


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0656294A1] The punched cardboard box is of the type which is delivered to the customers in a flattened condition with a pair of opposite walls (A) already formed and a pair of opposite walls (B) to be formed. This pairs of walls are connected by bellows tabs (29) foldable along an oblique folding line (12) and the purpose of which is to produce the erection of the formed walls (A) during the box assembly for obtaining the use conformation thereof. Each bellows tab (29) has a projecting tongue (30) to be folded and glued to the inner surface of the adjacent wall (B) to be formed. The oblique folding line (12) of the bellows tabs (29) is interrupted by a slot (13, 13') extending parallel to the folding lines of the walls (B) to be formed. The slot (13,13') in the bellows tabs (29) can terminate in an arcuate segment (S) or have a triangular shape with rounded apex (S) to minimize the tearing danger of the bellows tabs (29) during the box assembly. <IMAGE>

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