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Multipoint locking structure for a closure mechanism with sliding rail

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Mehrpunkt-Verriegelungsstruktur für einen Verschlussmechanismus mit Gleitschiene

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Structure de verrouillage multipoint pour mécanisme de fermeture à glissière


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EP 96500040 A 19960411

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[origin: EP0801194A1] The sliding door multi-point lock comprises several bolts (1) connected to metal plates (3) which slide linearly in guide structures (5,5a), on a door side member, by displacing a central bolt. Each locking bolt is inserted in a block (8) which is firmly connected to the plates encastred in corresponding holes appropriately separated in the plates. The plates are housed, with the insertion of anti-friction joints (18), to slide inside C shaped guides (10). In the bottom of the guides are long openings through which the blocks are put (8). The guides have fixed frames (12) open on the sides for housing the blocks. These blocks can be displaced linearly against a spring (13) which is compressed by displacement of the plates corresponding to opening of the door. The block has in its front part under the bolt a sloping internally threaded drilling (15). The bolt is inserted in a hole (16) in the block and its position fixed and/or adjusted by a screwed part (17) in the drilling.

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