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EP 0802152 B1 2003-06-11 - Cable guide for a winch

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Cable guide for a winch

Title (de)

Seilführung für ein Windwerk

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Guidage de câble pour un treuil


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[origin: EP0802152A2] The guide is part of a hoist winch which has a drum with rope grooves of opposite pitch, while guide members for a pair of rope falls are coupled together and travel in opposite directions along a rail parallel to the axis of rotation of the drum, being driven by the falls as the latter wind on or off the drum. The members (3a,b) are coupled together by lengthwise beams (7a,b) guided in parallel tracks (2a,b). Each beam is supported at two or more points spaced apart, and has one of the members rigidly fixed to it. Each beam can consist of a rack, with which a pinion turning freely in the rail (1) meshes, and can be supported in its guide by horizontal travel wheels (10a,b) turning freely at its ends. It can also have a vertical supporting roller (11a,b) turning freely at its end furthest from the guide member.

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