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EP 0802695 B1 2006-01-18 - Self-configurable channel assignment system and method

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Self-configurable channel assignment system and method

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Selbstkonfigurierbares Kanalzuteilungssystem und Verfahren

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Système et procédé d'allocation de canal autoconfigurable


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[origin: EP0802695A2] A self-configurable wireless system is provided which can determine its own channel assignments without the need for advance planning or human intervention. Such a system is implemented as an improvement to a wireless communications network having service areas partitioned into a plurality of cells, that improvement being implemented through a cooperative combination of: (1) a means for autonomously collecting data at the cells in respect to serving signal/interference measurements and other relevant data; and (2) a means for automatically carrying out a selected channel assignment algorithm in response to data provided by the data collecting means.

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