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Variable power limiting heat tracing cable

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Heizkabel mit variablem Leistungsbegrenzer

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Câble chauffant à limiteur de puissance variable


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[origin: EP0802701A2] A heating cable includes a pair of elongated electrode wires, each of which is coated with a first layer of insulating material. The first layer of insulating material is at least partially stripped off selected ones of the wires at spaced, alternating locations. A resistive heater wire, together with a yarn of fibrous insulating material, is spirally wound around the electrode wires whereby the heater wire is brought into electrical contact with selected ones of the electrode wires at the alternating locations, to electrically connect the alternating locations with the resistive heater wire. A second layer of an insulating material is provided over the resistive heater wire and insulating material, forming an outer surface for the cable. <IMAGE>

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