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EP 0803457 B1 20000119 - Device for separating and lifting the uppermost sheet of a sheet stack

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Device for separating and lifting the uppermost sheet of a sheet stack

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Vorrichtung zum Trennen und Anheben des obersten Bogens von einem Bogenstapel

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Dispositif pour séparer et soulever la feuille de dessus d'une pile de feuilles


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[origin: EP0803457A2] A carrier (1) is positioned on the sheet stack (2) in the upper rear face area, and on the carrier the stripping element is guided to move between its at-rest position and its swung-out position, and in its at-rest position is spring-loaded. The carrier is spring-loaded against the rear side of the stack, and is in the form of a lever which by one end can swivel over the rear end area of the stack around an axis orientated at right angles to the sheet feed direction, and by its free other end is positioned on the stack.

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