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Minimum value determining regulation method at a drawing or carding machine

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Minimalwert-suchendes Regulierungsverfahren an einer Strecke oder Karde

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Méthode de régulation déterminant une valeur minimale dans une machine d'étirage ou de cardage


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[origin: EP0803596A2] A draw zone on a draw frame or card has an open loop controller (10) with upstream sensing to adjust the draw ratio imposed on the sliver (20). The settings of delay and/or gain (R,K) are determined by measuring several values of a quality determining parameter, such as coefficient of thickness variation (CV), to obtain the functional relationship with delay or gain and optimising on the minimum values. These optimum values are determined in a prior test run and are left unchanged during production. Also claimed is a simplified method of adjusting delay (R) by storing upstream sliver measurements (do(n)). These are rewritten and read cyclically at the same location. The number of storage locations of a cycle between test runs is altered according to the delay distance (R).

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