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EP 0805022 B1 20000119 - Device for advancing webs through rotary printing machines

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Device for advancing webs through rotary printing machines

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Vorrichtung zum Fördern von Bahnen durch Rotationsdruckmaschinen

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Dispositif pour faire avancer des bandes dans des machines rotatives d'impression


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[origin: EP0805022A1] The device comprises a lever (10) which is pivotably located on a flange of a drive wheel axially displaceable and fixable on a drive shaft (3). The drive wheel is in slip-free drive connection with the shaft (12) carrying the traction rollers (11) and located in the lever axis-parallel to the drive shaft (3). The lever in a recess encompasses a traverse (21) fixed to the frame. In the recess between the traverse and the lever is a pressure medium-operated work cylinder adjusting the traction rollers to the tractive platen (17). An adjustable stop (26) is arranged, which limits the adjustment of the traction rollers to the tractive platen, ensuring the maintenance of a minimum gap.

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