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Draining station and heat treatment installation comprising such a drain station

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Abtropfstation und ein Abtropfstation enthaltende Wärmebehandlungsvorrichtung

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Station d'égouttage et installation de traitement thermique comportant une telle station d'égouttage


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[origin: EP0805218A1] A drainage post (1) designed to drain treated charges (2) such as metal components coming from a cooling tank (4) containing a bath. The post (1) comprises an enclosure (8) having an inlet opening (14) open towards the bottom which allows the charging and discharging of the enclosure (8) with the charges (2) on an anchoring device (16). The enclosure (8) also incorporates a stopper device (22) for the inlet opening (14) arranged much lower than the anchored charges (2). The stopper device (22) consists of a moving slide (24) which also acts as a collector for the draining liquid. The post also includes an activating device (30) connected to both the enclosure (8) and the slide (24) in order to engage and disengage the slide in the inlet opening (14). The post may also be fitted with a system for the evacuation of vapours from the charges. The thermal treatment installation incorporating this draining post is also claimed.

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