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EP 0806353 B1 2002-09-04 - Machine for the automated manufature of infusion bags

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Machine for the automated manufature of infusion bags

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Vorrichtung zum automatischen Herstellen von Aufgussbeuteln

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Machine pour la fabrication automatisée de sachets d'infusion


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[origin: EP0806353A1] A machine for the manufacture of bags (1) containing infusionable substances comprises a succession of work stations ordered along a pass line (A): a station (5) from which a film divided into two strips (2, 3) is directed toward a station (8) where measures of the substance are dispensed onto one of the strips (2), followed by a station (11) at which the two united strips (2, 3) are heat sealed together to form one continuous strip; passing first through a longitudinal cutting station (12) then through a transverse cutting station (14), the strip is divided up into individual bags (1) which are stacked at a further station (16) in the requisite number for a given packaging format. The single stations are driven by relative motors (8m, 11m, 14m, 16m) independently of and in concert with one another, adopting a control system whereby the angular position of the relative machine axis (8x, llx, 14x, 16x) is monitored electrically, and one such axis (14x) provides a master axis to which the others are subordinate. The axes (8x, 11x, 14x, 16x) are all interlocked to a monitoring and control unit (21) such as will verify their angular position relative to one other in the light of variable operating parameters, namely the pattern of the single bag, production tempo and packaging format. <IMAGE>

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