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EP 0806504 B1 20001102 - Centralized control device for thread clamps of creels

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Centralized control device for thread clamps of creels

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Zentralverstelleinrichtung für Fadenklemmen von Spulengattern

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Dispositif de réglage centralisé pour des pinces-fil de cantres


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[origin: EP0806504A1] A central actuator for thread clamps belonging to a creel of reels has, for each row of reels, positioning rods (50) capable of vertical displacement on which, for each thread clamp (14), a control ramp (49) is formed to shift a spring-loaded bolt (31) which sets the clamp in an open or a clamping position. With each positioning rod is associated a vertically driven shifting lever (51) which acts on the rod to allow it to rest in a first position corresponding to the clamp open setting from which it can be shifted into a second position corresponding to the clamping position. The shifting lever acts on an adjusting part (60) which can be smoothly adjusted and fixed vertically on the rod while a stop (57) can be similarly set on the rod so that the spring-loaded bolt rests on the ramp in a position to support the clamp in its second or clamping position.

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