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Sealed wall-hung boiler with reduced size heating parts

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Raumdichter Wand-Durchlauferhitzer mit verkleinerter Baugrösse der Beheizteile

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Chaudière murale étanche avec des éléments de chauffage de volume réduit


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[origin: EP0806616A2] The boiler (1) comprises a casing (2) of reduced height (35) and depth (33) for housing in a cabinet, a small-sized burner (7) and heating parts (6,7,8,8',9) of reduced width and depth, which are situated on one side of the boiler (1) housing, while the water circuit (15) components (16 to 23) are located on the other side. The whole of the air flow (26) needed for combustion, both the primary and the secondary, is channelled from the intake (14) from the exterior by means of a diffuser (12) via a flat conduit (25) attached to the rear panel (32) of the casing, which terminates in a sealed enclosure (25b) below the burner, from where it is distributed. <IMAGE>

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