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EP 0807600 B1 20000112 - Ultra-high purity nitrogen trifluoride production method, and unit therefor

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Ultra-high purity nitrogen trifluoride production method, and unit therefor

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von hochreinem Stickstofftrifluorid

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Procédé et dispositif pour la production de trifluorure d'azote ultra-pure


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[origin: EP0807600A1] A method capable of continuously producing nitrogen trifluoride of ultra-high purity and a unit therefor are provided. An ultra-high purity nitrogen trifluoride production method comprises: pressurizing a nitrogen trifluoride feed gas, eliminating moisture and carbon dioxide from said feed gas, and cooling down the same feed gas; causing the cooled feed gas to pass through adsorption columns (T1, T2), and introducing it into a medium-pressure rectification column (K1) by way of a reboiler (E2) in said medium-pressure rectification column, where it is rectified in said medium-pressure rectification column; introducing the resulting gas obtained by this rectification into a middle stage of a low-pressure rectification column (K2), where it is rectified; and taking out ultra-high purity nitrogen trifluoride obtained by virtue of this rectification from the lower part of said low-pressure rectification column. <IMAGE>

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