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EP 0808770 B1 20000105 - Method and device for opening and filling of multi-pocket bags and bags obtained

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Method and device for opening and filling of multi-pocket bags and bags obtained

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Öffnen und Füllen von Mehrkammerbeuteln und dabei erzeugte Beutel

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Procédé et dispositif pour l'ouverture et le remplissage de sachets multipoches et sachets ainsi obtenus


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[origin: EP0808770A1] The method involves filling multi-pouch sachets with a liquid, paste, solid or powdered product consists of folding a continuous strip (5) of a supple material lengthwise to make two walls, welding the walls at intervals to form pouches (2). The welds are wide enough to be cut lengthwise while leaving a seal on each side, cutting the pouches into sections, filling and sealing. The welded strip (5) is cut, for example, after every third pouch to make sachets with a number of pouches, and these are opened by suction valves (12) situated on either side of the strip on arms controlled by fixed guides. Once the pouches have been opened they can be filled with three different products at the same time before they are sealed at the top by a single seal welding unit (15).

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