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EP 0809027 A3 2000-10-18 - Reciprocating piston machine with swash plate mechanism

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Reciprocating piston machine with swash plate mechanism

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Hubkolbenmaschine mit Taumelscheibengetriebe

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Machine à piston alternatif à entraînement par plateau oscillant


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[origin: EP0809027A2] The swashplate piston machine may be used in an air-conditioning system for a vehicle, using carbon dioxide as the working fluid. The pistons (2) act via rods onto a non-rotating ring (6) with a pin (14) engaging in a guide (16) which prevents rotation and accommodates tilting of the swashplate assembly. The portion (5) of the swashplate assembly rotating with the hollow drive shaft (4) is connected to it via a linkage (9,11) including a bolt with antifriction elements and has a roller bearing supporting the non-rotating portion. The rotating portion of the swashplate has a pin (23) sliding in slits (24) in the hollow drive shaft and engaging a spring-loaded (20) bearing block (22).

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