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EP 0809216 A3 20000223 - Data communication device for a vehicle towed by a motor vehicle

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Data communication device for a vehicle towed by a motor vehicle

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Datenkommunikationsgerät für ein von einem Kraftfahrzeug gezogenes Fahrzeug

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Dispositif de communication de données pour un véhicule remorqué par un véhicule automobile


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[origin: EP0809216A2] The communications device has its own power supply, a data acquisition unit (7) and a wireless, short-range data transmission/reception unit (6) for communication data from the data acquisition unit to an external transmission-reception station (1). At least one pulse generator generates pulses depending on the movement of a wheel (8) of the towed vehicle (5). The device also contains a current supply unit (14) with a rectifier for the pulses which are delivered to it.

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