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Hinge for attaching a door to a supporting structure

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Scharnier zum Anbringen einer Tür an einer Trägerstruktur

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Charnière pour fixer une porte à une structure de support


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EP 96830304 A 19960528

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[origin: EP0810342A1] The invention relates to a hinge (3) for attaching a door (1) to a supporting structure (2) such as, an oven, for example, and in which a lever (5) is attached to the supporting structure (2) and a substantially box-shaped supporting element (6) is joined to the lever (5) along a hinge axis (x) by means of an offset joint whose hinge pin (7) protrudes sideways from the supporting element (6); a link rod (8) is hinged to the lever (5) eccentrically with respect to the hinge axis (x) and has at least one end that moves lengthways relative to the second supporting element (6); the door (1) is formed of two front walls (4) consisting of parallel glass panes with a hollow space between them, one fixed to the front side of the second supporting element (6) and the other fixed to its rear side; the door (1) is capable of assuming three stable positions, namely, closed, half open and fully open. <IMAGE>

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