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EP 0811552 B1 2000-05-17 - Ship's rudder

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Ship's rudder

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Ruder für Seeschiffe

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Gouvernail pour navires


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[origin: EP0811552A1] The rudder has a main rudder body (20) with a tab (10) which is hinged to it, and which is guided by it. The tab is mounted on a sliding piston hinge (11,13), which has a sliding bearing which is mounted on the tab, and also has a pivoting piston (11). The hinge pin is in the form of a piston (15) which can slide in a bearing (16,17), and both pistons may be connected to one another by a pin (14). They may also be made from a high-grade steel and may slide in a bearing which has a lining made from a bronze alloy.

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