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Three layers headbox

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Caisse de tête à trois couches


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[origin: DE19624052A1] The triple-level stock inlet, for a papermaking machine for the prodn. of multi-layered papers, has one separation blade (4) in a rigid structure, with the other separation blade (5) with a pivot (6). Also claimed is a method to deliver a triple-layered pulp suspension to a fourdrinier where the stock inlet produces three defined and different suspension flows (7-9). The three flows are brought together directly before arrival at the fourdrinier or on reaching the fourdrinier. The flow speeds are set so that the outer layer moves faster than the inner layer. pref. a fourdrinier moves round a roller to one side of the stock inlet, with the rigid blade (4) next to the roller, or the swing blade (5) is next to the roller. The swing blade (5) is set to give the outer flow suspension layer a higher speed than the inner layer. The flow speed of the centre suspension layer is faster than the inner layer suspension flow, and equals the speed of the suspension flow for the outer layer, or can be slower than the outer layer flow speed. The flow speed for the centre layer can equal the pulp flow speed for the inner layer.

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